Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blindness - June 2005

Ok I have no idea how this works and Chris isn't here to help me! I hope I'm not accidentally hacking into some secure government server that's gonna get me killed. Maybe I've been watching too much Alias this week. Hmmm. So, I'm here to post a re-cap of our June 2005 book, Blindness by Jose Saramago. Natasha kindly offered her patio on a warm evening late in June for us to discuss this book. We had an interesting discussion about the plausability of the book's plot...namely, that blindness becomes a contagious epidemic plaguing an entire country...or the world (it's not quite clear)....and the pure chaos that ensues. I'm having trouble recalling what each person thought about the book, but I think that Danielle and I were onto something rather brilliant...anyone remember more details?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Group Member MishMash

Part of Danielle's 28th birthday party, and... the contrasting effects of a Bon Jovi song?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Group Members at Karaoke!

Yes, when we're not reading we're lounging around in Karaoke bars ~ what a bunch of prima donnas!

Group Members - Chris and Danielle

Is it really fair to tease a guy just because he has separate "I'm here" and "I'm going home" pants??

Group Members - Annalise and Chris

Annalise and Chris

Group Members - Natasha, Danielle, Claire, Chris

Graduating! left to right = Natasha, Danielle, Christine (honourary member), Claire, Natalie (honourary member).

Curling! Clockwise from top left = Matt (honourary member), Chris, Laura, Rod and Amy (honourary members), Danielle and Natasha.

The Now Lounge: left to right = Natasha, Danielle, Claire, Christine (honourary member).

Group Members - Mark and Danielle

The Winnipegers! Mark and Danielle.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Enduring Love - Summer 2005

Host = Chris
Book = Enduring Love by Ian McEwan
Location = Natasha's Place
Present = Mark, Danielle, Natasha, Annalise, Claire, Chris
Food = Pizza

Natasha kindly hosted this one at her house and we sat on the back porch on a summer evening discussing one of this Booker Prize winning author's earlier books.
Despite all the awards and acclaim McEwan has had, I had only read one book by him previously, his Booker Winner Amersterdam. I really and truly hated Amersterdam, but McEwan was supposed to be a bit more dark and violent as a younger author, and almost everyone else I knew liked him, so I was pretty open to giving him another chance when I chose Enuring Love for my next title.
I didn't "hate" Enduring Love, but I didn't like it very much either, and I'm never giving McEwan another chance. (Well, never say "never" but his books are going to be WAY down my "to read" list from here on out).
I don't think the book club as a whole really dug Enduring Love. Despite a plot which had a stalker breaking up the relationship of a man and woman, there wasn't really much of an emotional draw with the book, and none of the characters were all that captivating.

Life of Pi - Summer 2004

Host = Chris
Book = Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Location = Toronto Islands
Present = Chris, Mark, Danielle, Roni, (roni's friend), Nancy, Kristen, Claire?
Food = Miscellany of Picnic things, including crackers and cheese

Not wanting this rowdy group in his living space, Chris made them take a ferry all the way to the Toronto Islands to discuss Martel's Life of Pi. We took picnic snacks and ate merrily in the sunshine over on the islands. The book was generally well received. Nobody hated it, and some of us quite liked it.
I found Pi's love of all religions early in the book pretty interesting, and the interview at the end with the Japanese shipping agents really cracked me up.
The most interesting thing about the book however is how the author puts the onus on the reader to decide which set of "facts," or which "story," he/she wants to believe. Although the book's main story (Pi on the raft with the animals) is obviously the dominant and most interesting story, there is a totally plausible alternate story which is actually far more believable, and Martel kind of says "Here you go ~ You decide!"