Saturday, December 03, 2005

Enduring Love - Summer 2005

Host = Chris
Book = Enduring Love by Ian McEwan
Location = Natasha's Place
Present = Mark, Danielle, Natasha, Annalise, Claire, Chris
Food = Pizza

Natasha kindly hosted this one at her house and we sat on the back porch on a summer evening discussing one of this Booker Prize winning author's earlier books.
Despite all the awards and acclaim McEwan has had, I had only read one book by him previously, his Booker Winner Amersterdam. I really and truly hated Amersterdam, but McEwan was supposed to be a bit more dark and violent as a younger author, and almost everyone else I knew liked him, so I was pretty open to giving him another chance when I chose Enuring Love for my next title.
I didn't "hate" Enduring Love, but I didn't like it very much either, and I'm never giving McEwan another chance. (Well, never say "never" but his books are going to be WAY down my "to read" list from here on out).
I don't think the book club as a whole really dug Enduring Love. Despite a plot which had a stalker breaking up the relationship of a man and woman, there wasn't really much of an emotional draw with the book, and none of the characters were all that captivating.


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