Saturday, December 03, 2005

Life of Pi - Summer 2004

Host = Chris
Book = Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Location = Toronto Islands
Present = Chris, Mark, Danielle, Roni, (roni's friend), Nancy, Kristen, Claire?
Food = Miscellany of Picnic things, including crackers and cheese

Not wanting this rowdy group in his living space, Chris made them take a ferry all the way to the Toronto Islands to discuss Martel's Life of Pi. We took picnic snacks and ate merrily in the sunshine over on the islands. The book was generally well received. Nobody hated it, and some of us quite liked it.
I found Pi's love of all religions early in the book pretty interesting, and the interview at the end with the Japanese shipping agents really cracked me up.
The most interesting thing about the book however is how the author puts the onus on the reader to decide which set of "facts," or which "story," he/she wants to believe. Although the book's main story (Pi on the raft with the animals) is obviously the dominant and most interesting story, there is a totally plausible alternate story which is actually far more believable, and Martel kind of says "Here you go ~ You decide!"


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